Leather and Care

The leather we use is a natural product, which may be damaged if not treated properly. Please avoid wearing your shoed in a wet or soiled environment. Liquids such as water and oil or dirt may leave stains on any leather.

For occasional care of all plain leathers, we recommend Collonil Ultra neutral, a light shoe polish with lanoline. To clean suede/ nubuck leather, please use a suede brush or a special nubuck cleaning block. Before wearing your suede/ nubuck shoes for the first time, please apply a neutral waterproofing spray.

All leathers are susceptible to dye leaks on both sides. Please avoid wearing light color socks with dark colored shoes. If the dye has left marks on your feet, they can usually be removed with water and soap. However, if the dye constantly stains your feet, our dark color leather shoes are not suitable for your skin type.

Your shoes should be stored either in shoe boxes or dust bags from a breathable material, not on plastic bags.  Keep your shoes in a dry and cool environment. Avoid direct sunlight and damp places. If you are storing your shoes for a long time period, you can stuff them with acid free paper or use shoe lasts to keep the shape of the shoe.

Walk is responsible for the product quality in terms of finish and stitches for one year from date of purchase. Nonetheless, there will be no warranties on any defect resulting from natural wear and tear or misuse of product.

We thank you for your purchase and hope you will enjoy our shoes.