Walk shoes are crafted as functional sculptures that embrace the foot softly and comfortably while walking.

The shoes are assembled of geometrical shapes creating an architectural space of lines and forms. The collections are classic and timeless with a simple clean elegance to them. We at Walk uphold loyalty to the materials, using the simplicity and rawness of distressed leather to guide the design process. We support local production manufacturing in small family businesses in Tel Aviv.

This allows for short delivery time and strong quality control. We take great care in our choice of materials, and the manufacturing process.

Anat Dahari, the founder of Walk Handmade Shoes, studied  Architecture at the prestigious Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem.

During her studies she discovered a love for shoe design and after graduating she pursued her passion and studied the art of footwear

craftsmanship from local tradesmen.

Her design signature is very much: “architectural elegance, simplicity and comfort”.